Hear all about it

Odds are, you put your ears to the test each and every day. Many professional and recreational activities require a keen sense of hearing while they also put that vital sense at risk of hearing loss. By balancing style with safety, OtoPro has vetted a collection of audiology-related technology which can be tailored to the specific needs of each user; all with convenient mobile access. Plus, you receive the peace of mind in knowing that you're consulting a  credentialed Doctor of Audiology with your long-term hearing health.

OTOPRO offers a range of hearing conservation and personal audio technology for:

  • Hunters and Shooters

  • Runners and Athletes

  • Swimmers and Water Lovers

  • Musicians and Music Aficionados

  • Pilots, Motorcyclists and Racers

  • Newscasters and Law Enforcement

  • Landscapers, Industrial and Construction Workers

  • Physicians and Dentists

  • Light Sleepers

JAY, Outdoorsman

Not only has my ear ringing after a morning in the blind stopped, but I can enjoy the conversation as the sun rises.


Every patient visit reminds of of the custom stethoscope my family gave me  when I finished medical school.

MEREDITH, Musician

Custom ear molds  for performances provides me the confidence and clarity needed to face the lights.